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10 Years Anniversary

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In September 2008 we started the programme Building Partnerships in China with the first group. Now, 10 years later, we have something to celebrate!


On Thursday 18 October 2018 (18-10-18!) we organized an event for all our alumni, contributors and anyone else interested in building partnerships with China or Southeast Asia.


We invited a number of distinctive speakers that shared their experience with us:



It was a great event and we really enjoyed meeting again with the alumni and others!

We will soon share some photos and a story about this even with you!

​The Building Partnerships... Team

Olivia Chen

Louisa van Dijk

Erik Kostelijk

Ian Lewis

​Haiden Nguyen

Claudio Perotti

Bongkot Thanutdom

Jing Zhang

Mission Supervisors

Erik van de Mheen

Jeroen Peters

Brechtine Detmar

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