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MODULE 3: Economy, Trade and Business (ETB) - South Korea

Contents and topics of the course

In this course, the South Korean economic miracle will be investigated. You will learn about the unique and successful economic history of South Korea from transitioning from an aid-recipient country to donor country.  


The course will discuss the important role of chaebols (재벌) in the South Korean economy as well as developing a knowledge of the current state of the economy with its major industries, sectors and companies. 


You will detect business opportunities and challenges by conducting a competitor analysis in the South Korean market for your research project.  


Furthermore, you will get acquainted with the Korean business culture and how to start a business in this country. In this course we will also look at the trade relations between South Korea and the Netherlands, EU and the rest of the world.

If you would like to experience a sample class prior to your enrolment, you can contact the lecturer concerned to arrange a visit to sit in in one of the lessons.

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