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Resit candidates

You can participate in the exams (exam dates published here) after you informed the lecturer(s) concerned one week prior to the exam date, latest. You can find contact information here.

You can find study materials and other important information at the AUAS (HvA) online platform Brightspace.

How to self-enroll in a AUAS Brightspace course site for RESIT

To get access to most recent course materials of the module you are resitting, you want access to the most recent learning materials and activities such as assignments you have to upload. For resits, you can enroll yourself in the Brightpsace course site via de Course Selector on MyAUAS.

Step by step self-enrollment in a Brightspace course site as a resitter:



1. Go to the Course Selector at MyAUAS and login using your AUAS-ID and password. The Course Selector is also available in the MyAUAS application menu, called “Courses”

2. Select on the left our faculty Business and Economics and on the right your programme (1 of the 7).




















3. Now select the correct year (tab). E.g. You are a 2nd year student and you want to resit a 1st year course in IB Fulltime, go to the tab Year 1 (see next picture)

4. Now select enroll behind the course name. Pay attention to the block or semester also! If you are resitting in block 2, select the enroll-option of the course in block 2.
























5. You now see all classes in this Brightspace course site. You can only self-enroll for the classes which are not crossed, which is the RESIT class. Please click on the RESIT class.


















Your enrollment in the Brightspace RESIT class for your selected course is now complete! In the course selector behind the course name you will now see your enrollment. Next time you login to Brightspace (or reload) you will have access to the Brightspace course site!



I made a mistake and want to de-enrol!

If you want to be de-enroled from the RESIT class in the Brightspace course, you can, but only if you have not participated in any activities (e.g. submitted an assignment, done a quiz, etc).
Also de-enrolment from the RESIT class is done via the Course Selector.


Repeat step 1 to 3 (see above).

4. Now you see RESIT behind the course name, because you are enrolled in the RESIT class. Move your mouse onto the word RESIT and the option UNENROLL (= de-enrol) will appear (see picture below). Click on UNENROLL to de-enrol from the RESIT class in this Brightspace course site.










5. Confirm that you want to de-enrol by pressing the green button Yes, cancel enrollment.


Again, you cannot de-enrol if you already participated in online activities in the Brightspace course site!

Questions about Brightspace and the course selector?

Please contact the Brightspace Team at

Note: Alternative/substitute exams / assignments can only be granted after formal approval of the AMSIB Exam Board.

How to selfenroll in a resit class in Br
How to selfenroll in a resit class in Br
How to selfenroll in a resit class in Br
How to selfenroll in a resit class in Br
How to selfenroll in a resit class in Br
How to selfenroll in a resit class in Br
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