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MODULE 2: Culture, Society and Population (CSP) - South Korea

Contents and topics of the course

Over the past years, South Korea has become more and more popular across the globe. Apart from the high-tech, smartphones and big brands like LG and Samsung, recent attention has been given to the spread of Korean culture worldwide. This phenomenon, often called “Hallyu” (한류) the Korean Wave, includes K-pop, Korean cuisine and the enormous number of Korean movies and dramas.


So, what is Korean culture exactly? In this course, you will learn how South Korea came to the society it is today. We will look at the premodern cultural aspects of South Korean culture (Buddhism, Confucianism, and more) and how this influences and sometimes clashes with the modern day capitalistic society of South Korea.


This course will moreover cover contemporary phenomena like academic pressure, changes in Confucian hierarchy (old/young, man/woman) and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. These cultural details are important background knowledge that will aid you when interacting with a variety of people within a Korean environment.


This course provides both the knowledge as well as the skills needed for students who wish to connect with South Korea, whether that would be through business or any other method.

If you would like to experience a sample class prior to your enrolment, you can contact the lecturer concerned to arrange a visit to sit in in one of the lessons.

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