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Erik Koomen

CEO Company Nemook

How did the minor help you in your business career?

At the time I was  doing a cooperative study which is the combination of working and studying.

I started studying  Commercial Economics for future entrepreneurs at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences from 2010-2014.  In 2013 I participated in the China minor programme, because it seemed like an interesting programme, and fitted perfectly in my work/study schedule.

This programme taught me a lot concerning business with different people in another country.

Especially the part of making appointments and networking in a foreign country was a valuable lesson which helped me in my future career. The meetings in China, which gave me the opportunity to actually do business with people from different cultures also contributed a lot, since my job now involves a lot of business appointments with retailers and people from China and Eastern-Europe.

I am the co-founder and CEO of my own company Nemook Trading BV, which is an E-commerce business selling a broad range of products using mainly WooCommerce Webshops. The company resells products for a lower price. The company also has a webshop which sells air cushion envelopes, and is currently in the top 10 sales of air cushion envelopes companies in the Netherlands.

The hands on experience together with many business appointments really was an eye opener for me. I would recommend this programme for future participants who actually want to learn how to do business in another culture.

Muna Umar participated in the Southeast Asia minor (2015-2016 Sem I). You can find her story here.

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