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Questions about the teams

I would like to know more about the possibility of forming your own team (for example: with a classmate).

Yes, you can.



If you want to form a team beforehand, is there a list with names or do we have to wait?

The final list of participating students will only be available on the day the minor starts. There are always many changes in the list during the enrolment process. This means that we can only determine the (final) list  at the last moment, unfortunately.

Am I dependent on other students when I execute the assignment?

Yes, the programme requires good teamwork from all participants. For your assignment, you work together with one other student from the AUAS (HvA)  and two students of the partner university assist you with the assignment in the designated destination.


I have 2 friends who are going to do this minor but they would like me in their team for the assignment. Is it possible that we do the assignment with the three of us?

No. For practical and didactic reasons we work with teams of 2 students.

What is the position of the Chinese student participating in the assignment?

The buddies are volunteers to assist you with executing the assignment on location. (They do not receive grades for their assistance).

What is the difference between a buddy and a team mate?

The buddies are local students from  the partner university that will help your team with the execution of your Assignment. As they volunteer in the programme, they do not get study credits (ECTS) or a monetary reward for their effort. However, they will have the opportunity to enjoy the full intercultural experience, expand their network and make new international friends. Buddies can also join you on your appointments/business visits during the mission.


Your teammate is the Amsterdam student that you team up with. You and your teammate are enrolled in the programme and will  earn credits upon successful completion of the minor. Teammates work both on the same Assignment.

How are the buddies assigned to a team?

Our partner university facilitates the recruitment and selection of the buddies. We supply them with introduction briefings about the Dutch students and their assignments.

I read that you should come up with a Dutch company to do the assignment for in China. Since I do not have a partner yet, should I contact a company already by myself before the start of the Minor?

Yes. This increases your chances to be selected.

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