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Application Motivation Letter / Assignment

As of academic year 2024-2025, all 'Building Partnerships...' minors will no longer be offered by AMSIB / AUAS (HvA)

We are happy to welcome you to this exciting learning experience! We are also confident that the Building Partnerships... minor will give you a lot of opportunities to achieve your international career ambitions.

However, we want to make sure that this minor is really suitable for you. Therefore, we ask each student to write a motivation letter (below). Based on your information, we will try to determine if the minor is a good match for you.

All students that enrol in a Building Partnerships... minor are required to carry out an assignment for a (Dutch) organisation.


We ask you to describe what kind of assignment you are going to execute on location (abroad). Again, based on your information, we will try to determine whether it is possible to turn your ideas into a feasible assignment.

It is strongly recommended securing your assignment before you enrol in the minor. Students with a confirmed assignment have priority in the selection procedures. You can read more about the assignment here.

You can refer to the calendar for the motivation letter due dates for each semester. Note: There are each semester two different due dates (for HvA (AUAS) students and for non-HvA (AUAS) students). You will be informed of the selection results within a week after the due date of the motivation letter.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Building Partnerships minor!

 - The Building Partnerships... team -

I apply for the minor Building Partnerships in...
I study currently at the Faculty / University...
Tick each box that is applicable to you:

MY Assignment

1) What is the NAME of your Commissioning Organisation.

2) Is your assignment a MARKET ENTRY or SOURCING assignment?

3) Give a short description of the OBJECTIVE of the assignment

(If you find it hard to acquire a suitable assignment, you may find these tips interesting to read)

MY motivation

Thanks for submitting! The selection results will be communicated within a week after the submission deadline of the Motivation Letters

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