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Southeast asia (thailand)

Together with one other student you will form a team to prepare and execute an assignment during the AUAS fact-finding Mission to Southeast Asia. Each team is responsible for acquiring its own assignment that is commissioned by a Dutch company or organisation. The complexity and feasibility of each assignment is assessed and approved by the instructors of the school.

Fieldwork of the assignments is executed on location during a four-week visit to
Bangkok, Thailand.

Part of the course is taught in Bangkok in collaboration with
Mahidol University.

This course is designed to fit in any Major programme of any University (of Applied Sciences) in The Netherlands. The Assignment can be individually tailored to meet the criteria set by the Examination Board of your own study.

The structure of Southeast Asia Minor programme is identical to the China and Korea minors.​

Under the drop down menu 'Southeast Asia' (on the top of this page) you can read more about the contents of this minor.

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