Entry requirements

The Minor is aimed at all students that have a special interest in doing business or building relationships in or with China / Southeast Asia / Korea. 

The minor is also open for exchange students and students that are not enrolled at the HvA. The latter group need to register via Kiesopmaat.nl. If Kiesopmaat.nl registration is closed, you can contact the Minor Programme Manager.

No specific prior knowledge required, all subjects start at entry level

Command of the English language at CEF level B2. This is an indication of your expected level of English (literature and courses are in English). No certificate/diploma required.

You must have the ability to travel to China / Southeast Asia / Korea. Visitors to China / Thailand / Korea need a visa.

Participation in the fact-finding mission in the designated destination is obligatory.


For AUAS students: The Building Partnerships... minors are not subject to ranking: Selection is done by motivation letter.

A motivation letter and proposal for your assignment are part of the selection procedures.

Overseas students can also participate in the minors via the AMSIB Exchange programme


Note: Doing business in Asia can be challenging and may require quite a lot of stamina of you. This mission is certainly not a holiday. You will face emotional, practical, cultural and maybe even physical challenges during your mission. However, your reward will be a true life experience that is unparalleled by any other course of your study.

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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AMSIB - Amsterdam School of International Business


Programme Manager: Claudio Perotti

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Business and Economics

Students not registered at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) can enroll for the minors via Kiesopmaat.nl.

China: click here

Southeast Asia: click here

South Korea: click here

Check here for the Kiesopmaat enrolment period

Overseas students can also participate in the minors via the AMSIB Exchange programme


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