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Don't just take our word for it. Read what our alumni say!


Timo Nederstigt (Aviation student of group 19, semester 1 2017-2018) wrote a captivating article on LinkedIn. You can find it here.

Group 18 (Semester 2 - 2016-2017) made a video impression of the mission to China. You can find it here on Youtube.

Muna Umar joined the Southeast Asia (Thailand) Minor in 2015. You can read her story here.

After each semester, we ask our students in the evaluation the following question:

My opinion about this minor in one sentence…


(February 2021 (COVID semester) - Korea)

  • It was an amazing experience and something different than normal

  • I would do it again if I could

(February 2021 (COVID semester) - China)

  • An interactive minor from which you can learn a lot and improve your skills.

  • Great people & professionals + Interesting classes + Valuable experience = Building Partnerships in China Minor

(September 2019 - Southeast Asia)


  • Very nice

  • Life experience and memories to remember! Mr. Chan is amazing and we appreciate him!

  • Memorable experience which took a part of myself – growth. And Chan is amazing!

  • Intense and really informative! You do really need to have an interest in Asia though!

  • Awesome!

  • Great experience for a lifetime.

  • Great, new experience!

  • Like the experience!

  • Amazing experience!

  • A whole experience!

  • Unique experience!

  • Lifetime experience!

  • Nice experience, highly remember

  • Excellent, I’m happy I chose this program.

  • It is an intensive, fun, and much learning minor.

  • Once in a lifetime experience

  • It is such a great life changing experience.

  • An amazing experience to build yourself

(September 2018 - China)


  • Well organised trip with great excursions and good effort from the teachers

  • A minor that gives you the opportunity to expand your business network

  • A challenging minor with a lot of practical experiences

  • Amazing experience and perfect way to get to know China and Shanghai

  • It widened my horizon dealing with the Chinese business people.

  • Experiencing new cultures/new people

  • The business trip to China was really great

  • Offer career chances for the future

  • Opportunity to meet nice interesting people

(September 2018 - Southeast Asia/Thailand)

  • Got to experience a totally different culture, meet local people and make new friends

  • Learn to take care of myself and develop as a person

  • Good assistance by minor and Mahidol staff

  • Very nice international experience

  • Personal development in terms of dealing with stressful situations

  • The whole experience is positive, going abroad, get to know the business life

  • Learned a lot doing business in Thailand

  • Trip to Phuket was good to bond with your classmates

  • Experiencing real business appointments

  • Professional assistance during missions

  • Good fun and work balance

  • Learning to do business with Thai people

  • Great opportunity for personal development and international experience.


(February 2018 - China)

  • Great experience and a lot of knowledge obtained about business practices through the good combination of theory and practice on location.

  • A Great experience with the right combination of work load and spare time.

  • A great experience to get in contact with different cultures.

  • It was really worth it, one of the best experiences of my life!

  • The minor was perfect. I learned so much in this minor, about China and about myself. I Really improved my English with it. I am really happy that I chose this minor.

  • Fantastic experience that pushes you outside your bubble, I’d definitely recommend this minor!

​(September 2017 - Southeast Asia/Thailand)

  • A great way to learn about Thai business and culture

  • Life experience

  • A great experience

  • Best experienc you'll get in a lifetime!

  • Wonderful time and experience with great people!

  • I feel blessed for this opportunity and i would not have liked to miss this!

  • A precious experience

  • Fantastic experience, learned a lot!

  • So many great, funny, amazing, mindblowing and educational experiences

  • Amazing life experience!

  • Learned a culture in a way different than tourism

  • Heavy weeks, but the most amazing experience in my life, yet!

  • It was an amazing experience


(September 2017 - China)

  • Amazing time in Shanghai

  • Experience of a lifetime I will never forget!

  • Amazing experience that I would prefer to be longer

  • Your hard efforts won't disappoint you in the end

  • It was an amazing minor, where I made a lot of new friends and expand my network.

  • Best ever

  • A nice experience

  • In the professional and personal field a really useful minor!

  • Great experience!!

(September 2016 - Southeast Asia)


  • This minor was amazing, learned a lot and had an experience I never forget.

  • Great experience

  • Great, but intensive

  • One of the best time of my life!

  • An eye-opener in many ways

  • Life experience that changes your view on doing business in Asia.

  • A great experience in an Asian country during your study.

  • It’s hard to make appointments but the appointments are interesting. Nice to do business in Thailand and learn new cultures.

  • Great minor, very intense, but what an amazing experience

  • Best time of my school period!

  • Once in a lifetime experience!

  • Impressive experience, I never want to miss.

  • It was a wonderful experience. Thank you a lot.

  • Great and a wonderful experience

  • A great minor to gain real business experience

  • Great and value added life time experience

  • Great experience

  • Thailand is a great country to visit and experiencing university life in Bangkok is a once in a life-time experience.

  • Great – amazing experience for my future opportunities

  • A great challenge

  • The minor is a very special experience and contributes to your self-development

(September 2016 - China)

  • Good preparation before going to China, makes it more fun

  • Once in a lifetime experience, I will never forget

  • Have had a great time

  • Great learning experience

  • Cultural shock

  • A total different world

  • Once in a lifetime experience

  • Once in a lifetime experience

  • Very educative and exciting

  • Experience for life

  • Amazing experience

  • Life changing

  • Once in a lifetime experience

  • China was amazing, learned a lot, social level & business level

  • Once in a lifetime experience

  • Good experience

  • Nice experience

  • Live the practical side and gain real life experience


(February 2015 - China)


  • lifetime experience

  • nice and educating minor in content

  • very interesting minor and a great live experience

  • nice opportunity to learn about China

  • life changing experience

  • keep on network

  • loved it

  • wonderful experience

  • the only minor with real practical experience

  • great program, great opportunities

  • really nice

  • I have learned a lot

  • Very enlightening and great educational experience.


(September 2014 -China)


  • Living in Shanghai was really a nice experience once in a lifetime experience.

  • Overall, the one month in Shanghai was a great experience. Thank you for that!

  • It was an adventure.

  • A good outstanding visit to Shanghai.

  • I really enjoyed the minor and think it's a useful experience.

  • Great and challenging minor.

  • Absolutely amazing experience, better than expected. And I learned a lot in a plenty way.

  • Great experience. And it gives me a good insight in doing business in China.

  • Outstanding, fantastic experience.

  • This minor gave me a lot of knowledge and an experience that was totally new for me.

  • Best experience ever!

  • Excellent experience and you know China in reality.

  • A lifelong remembering experience. A time where I have learned a lot and grow personally in both business and in personal points.

  • Nice program once in a life time experience.

  • A nice experience.

  • Best experience ever!

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