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Questions about the enrollment procedure

Update enrolments second semester (February 2024):


Temporary NO selection or enrolment restrictions.

Apply here.

When can we start enrolling in the minor?

The enrolment period for AUAS (HvA) minors is communicated at for AUAS (HvA) students. Apply for the selection here.



How does the registration procedure work?

AUAS (HvA) students can enrol at the official SIS inschrijvingen site: during the enrolment period. You can apply here for the selection which includes your motivation letter and proposal for assignment.

If you are a student from another University than the AUAS (HvA) you can enrol at the website (China), (Southeast Asia / Thailand) or (South Korea). (Or search for “China”, “Thailand” or "Korea"on the Kiesopmaat website.

If enrolments at are not open yet, you can already apply here for the selection and register at the minor administration office of FBE/AUAS. You will receive further instructions after you have registered.


Do international students have more chance in the selection process to do this minor, because it is in English?


No. Higher priority is only granted to students that secured a suitable assignment.


I am not sure that I have earned sufficient points (ECTS) to start in a minor. What shall I do?


Each school / programme / faculty / university can set their own minimum requirements to allow you for participating in a minor. Check with your own school if there are any minimum ECT requirements.

Note that the Building Partnerships… minors do not have ECTS minimum requirements. All students that are eligible to follow a minor are welcome to apply.

Somehow, I cannot manage to register via the SIS system. What’s wrong?

Only third-year students or students that are in the last semester of their second year can apply via SIS for a minor. This may be the cause of the problem.

Also, keep in mind that at the Faculty of Business and Economics you need to have passed at least the propedeutic exam (propedeuse) and attained 40 ECTS in the main phase of your study before you are entitled to enrol in a minor.


Would it be possible to start this minor at the beginning of February?

Yes, The minor is offered every semester (starting in September and February – provided there are enough enrolments).



How many entrants to this minor do you accept, what is the limit?

Min 15, Max 25.



The minor needs a minimum number of 15 participants so I was wondering whether this minimum is always met?

Ever since the minor started (in 2008), we have never had to cancel the minor on account of there being not sufficient enrolments.


If there are more participants than places, will there be a kind of selection or draw?

We will make a first selection of enrolments based on the motivation letters and the proposals for assignment in particular. Five seats are reserved for Kiesopmaat students.


When do I receive instructions for my motivation letter?

You can find the instructions here.


I am not selected for a 'Building Partnerships...' minor, what shall I do next?

If you are not selected for your first choice Building Partnership... minor and you are also not selected (or interested) in another Building Partnerships... minor, you can choose for another minor from the AUAS portfolio or from the Kiesopmaat portfolio.

Is there a scholarship or grant available to support me?

Maybe. Have a look here.


If you study at AUAS (HvA) you can also check here or with the International Office of your Faculty.

I am an international student and I would like to know if I would be able to do the minor while on my exchange?

Yes, you can. Please note that the additional participation fee also applies to exchange students. Contact here.


I am too late to enrol, but I would like to do this minor, what can I do?

Late, or irregular enrolments in a minor – before the start of the minor -  need to be approved by the exam committee of your course. If approved, you can contact the coordinator of the Building Partnerships in… minor (Claudio Perotti) and he will proceed with the enrolment procedure. The AUAS /FBE Coordination Team will administer your enrolment if you have the approval from your course manager and the coordinator of the minor. Please note that a motivation letter and proposal for assignment are always required to enrol.


Are any meetings planned for students who wish to participate?

No. But you can visit us at the Minor Expo (minorenmarkt) every year. Alternatively, if you have any personal questions, you can always contact the Programme Manager of the minor: Claudio Perotti

I don’t have sufficient ECTS at the moment but I have enough opportunities to earn them before the start of the minor, can I still send a motivation letter or do I need to have enough ECTS at the moment of writing the motivation letter?
The choice for enrolling, or not, is yours. Each Faculty / School / Department has its own rules / requirements and we are unable to monitor each individual student. But be aware that occasionally we do get notifications from Exam Boards and other departments that students need to be de-enrolled. Sometimes even after the programme had started. In that case we cannot register your credits in SIS after you completed the minor.

I see on the website ( that the 'Selection is now open for semester 1 groups', what does that mean?

This means that you can already send in your motivation letter and proposal for your assignment here.


As an AUAS student I first need to apply via SIS and then I will receive instructions for the Assignment, is this correct?

All students that enrol during the AUAS SIS enrolment period will also need to submit a motivation letter. You can do that here.

Is there a deadline for finding a suitable assignment?

The ultimate deadline is the first day of the start of the programme (see for the exact date the events calendar). But keep in mind that students with a confirmed assignment have priority in the selection process.

We apply as a team, do we need to have two assignments?

You can each mention in your (individual) motivation letter that you apply as a team. You both can mention the same Assignment in your individual motivation letters.

Is it possible to do also another parallel minor?
No. AUAS (HvA) students are allowed to do only one minor programme. Apart from this, the workload is too high to participate in two parallel minor programmes.

When will I receive the invoice for the additional participation fee?

Within one month after the enrolments are closed, a payment request will be sent to you from the email address of the AUAS (HvA) Accounts Receivable Department (

If you did not receive an email with the payment request, please check your spam box (Junk E-Mail) and add to your 'safe senders' list.

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