Programme modules

The aim of this Minor is to encourage more understanding of and increase your business knowledge of a foreign country or region. The first part of the course provides a series of theory and knowledge-based modules to give your insight into the country. During the second part you will have the opportunity to expand the knowledge obtained in these courses during a trip to the country.


Alongside the modules, you will also be carrying out your assignment, learning in real-time such skills as: how to achieve business objectives, arrange meetings, and report to managers, and of course, how to build partnerships in South Korea.

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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AMSIB - Amsterdam School of International Business

Programme Manager: Claudio Perotti

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Business and Economics

Students not registered at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) can enroll for the minors via

China: click here

Southeast Asia: click here

South Korea: click here

Check here for the Kiesopmaat enrolment period

Overseas students can also participate in the minors via the AMSIB Exchange programme


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