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Testimonials  dutch companies

Don't just take our word for it! Read what Commissioning Organizations say:

(Commissioning organisations' testimonials)

Beds & Bars, February 2020 - China:

"...we know where we have to start now, and we’ve got an overview in things we need to know for expanding."

Remiqz, September 2018 - China:

"The combination between the theoretical part and practical visit/meetings makes it highly valuable for Remiqz. The knowledge and experience Wytze and Tijme brought back is great!"

FiberDatacom, September 2018 - China

"Great job guys! Well done with the result and thank you for doing this for us!"

Rhumaa, September 2018 - China

"Selin and Vanina have delivered a great and very helpful job. It has been very informative for Rhumaa"

Chiba clothing, February 2019 - China

"Great recommendations"

The Other Guys fashion, February 2019 - China

"The communication with the students was very good and we are pleased with the results. We can now start developing our own products as we were provided with details from manufacturers and suppliers we have been looking for a while"

Fat Daddy, February 2019 - China

"They flabbergasted me with the detailed report"


Dyme B.V., February 2019 - China

"Really impressed by the validity of the report and the presentation. Excellent result"

<Prefer to remain anonymous>, February 2020 - Southeast Asia

Quality Clicks, February 2021 - China

KoopKorea, August 2021 - Korea

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