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Programme Manager: Claudio Perotti

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Business and Economics

Students not registered at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) can enroll for the minors via Kiesopmaat.nl.

China: click here

Southeast Asia: click here

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Learning objectives

The programme is aimed at all students who have a special interest in doing business in or with Southeast Asia / China. No matter what your background is, which study course you follow or which industry you are interested in. This course is designed to fit in any Major programme of any University (of Applied Sciences). The Assignment can be individually tailored to meet the criteria set by the Examination Board of your own study.​

The learning objectives of the minor programmes are:

  • Introduction to business issues in other cultures

  • Learn how to find and maintain business relations

  • Learn how to network in the business community dealing with Southeast Asia / China

  • Learn how to execute a real-life assignment on location in Southeast Asia / China: To initiate a business relationship between Southeast Asia / China and The Netherlands

  • Learn about Geography, History, Politics, Economy, Language, Culture, Society and Population of Asia

  • Obtain a better insight into the economy of Southeast Asia / China

  • Understand the challenges of trading with, and doing business in Southeast Asia / China

  • Find out what you need to know when planning to do business at an international level

  • Find out what aspects you come across when doing business with Asian partners

  • Learn how to deal with cultural differences when doing business

  • Understand the do's and don'ts when doing business in/with Southeast Asia / China

  • Apply knowledge learned to report writing

  • Apply knowledge learned to real-life situations