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MODULE 1: Geography, History and Politics (GHP) - Southeast Asia

Contents and topics of the course


In this course, Thailand’s geographical and demographic structure is discussed with reference to topography, major cities and regions, resources, migration, the rural/urban divide, and the challenges facing Thailand.

The Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, and Thonburi periods will be covered in order to understand the structure of Thai politics and society. The influence of neighbouring countries and the Colonial Era will also be discussed. Modern Thailand will cover the Rama monarchy, particularly King Chulalongkorn’s period, the 1932 coup, and the constant changes between military and civilian rule.

In recent decades Thailand is experiencing some important political changes under the Thaksin family rule and the divisions this has caused. Migration, Islamic insurgency, and the current military rule and recent bombing will be included.

What is Thailand’s position in the world? Relations with Europe, the US and its Asian neighbours will also be discussed. Students also become acquainted with the relationship between China, Japan, India, and SouthEast Asian (ASEAN) countries.

If you would like to experience a sample class prior to your enrolment, you can contact the lecturer concerned to arrange a visit to sit in in one of the lessons.

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