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questions about the lectures (amsterdam programME)

Is it a problem if I don’t attend the first day?

Yes, it is. The first day, we have a general introduction and we will form the teams that day. On this first day you will receive a lot of information that is important to you. We require all students to attend the first class (and the final briefing before the group’s departure for the designated destination).

Are there any classes between the kick-off (first day) and the start of the lectures?

In the remainder of the first week after the kick-off you will need to work on your assignment (e.g. visiting your commissioning organization to work out the details of your assignment). The lectures start in the week after the kick-off (AUAS calendar 'week 1').

Where can I find my Roster?


The student roster is published only one week before the start of the academic year on the AUAS rosters website. Here is how you can find your roster:


  • After you logged in* to the AUAS rosters site, click on “add timetable”.

  • Make sure you click on the correct academic year (2021-2022).

  • Pick “Group” and type in “China” "Thailand" or “Korea”

  • Tick the correct box

  • add timetables

  • close” the popup.


Now your roster is added to your schedule. On the right of the “today” button you can flip through the weeks and all your classes will appear in the respective weeks.

*) Only accessible for enrolled students

Are the lectures mandatory or can you skip any?

All lectures are not mandatory. However, they are indispensable. One exception: the lectures in the first week of the minor are all mandatory. Keep this in mind when planning your holidays etc.! There are also other important dates in the programme that you do not want to miss. You can find them here.

I saw that the minor already starts at the end of January/August, but my traineeship will not be finished then. Is it also possible to start later?

No. The first weeks of the minor are very intensive. In the first week we will determine the list of participants and form the teams. As of day one, you will have 4 subjects twice a week, assignments to work on, presentations to prepare etc. Hence, you will not have much opportunity to ‘catch up’. Therefore, we expect you to participate in the programme as of the first (Mon)day of the minor (the first day of the week prior to the start of the semester). If you cannot meet that requirement, we suggest that you enrol in the following semester.


On the website it is mentioned that we have 7 weeks, 4 days rostered (intense preparation programme) and 1 month on location (Asia): Mo-Fr 8:30 - 13:00 classes. Afternoons reserved for business appointments. Does this mean the duration of this minor is a total of 3 months?
No. The full duration of the course is 6 months. (There are also holidays during the semester). For the conclusion of the programme upon return from the mission (writing the final report and presenting your findings (Debrief) at the commissioning organization) there are no scheduled classes.

What kind of subjects can I expect during the minor?

For full details about the course, we refer to the student manual. Important subjects in the Amsterdam programme include:

CLB - Chinese Language Basics (elementary, in The Netherlands, advanced in China) or:

TLB - Thai Language Basics (elementary, in The Netherlands, advanced in Thailand)

GHP - Geography, History, Politics

CSP - Culture, Society, Population

ETB - Economics, Trade, Business

SRO - Sourcing, Research and Organization


At what schools do the lecturers in Amsterdam normally teach when not teaching this minor?

We have lecturers working for the AMSIB (Amsterdam International Business School) and the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (HvA). Meet the team here.


At what schools do the lecturers in Shanghai normally teach when not teaching this minor?

This varies. Most lecturers are associated with Shanghai Dong Hua University.

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