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(Commissioning organizations: "CO")

In the passing years, over 300 companies commissioned assignments to our students and... started building partnership in/with (Southeast) Asia (see below).

If you are representing a company or organization that would like to give a team of our students the opportunity of executing an assignment for you, please feel free to contact the Programme Manager of the minors. You can find the contact details in the bottom of this page, or fill out our contact form here.

Examples of assignments:


1) Market entry (research / sales)

  • Finding a potential distributor for the Dutch products

  • Finding a business partner to offer Dutch expertise in the designated destination

  • Finding a suitable location for a pilot store in the designated destination

  • Finding a potential joint venture partner for business development in the designated destination

2) Sourcing (research / purchasing)

  • Finding a reliable manufacturer for products of a Dutch company

  • Finding a reliable supplier of products / services


What activities can students do in their assignment?

Examples of activities that may be part of the assignment:


  • Finding (market) information for a Dutch organization

  • Conducting a market study / market research for a Dutch organization

  • Finding and meeting with new and/or potential customers

  • Visiting a trade show in the designated destination for a Dutch organization and reporting on new products, suppliers, manufacturers

  • Representing a Dutch organization on a trade show in the designated destination

  • Finding and meeting up with potential new distributors for products of a Dutch organization.

  • Sourcing: Visiting potential manufacturers that Dutch organizations may be interested in doing business with

  • Selling Dutch products and/or services in the designated destination

  • Visiting production facilities and/or inspecting goods/shipments

  • Selecting a representative / an agent for a Dutch company

Are you curious to learn which companies / organizations we partnered with before? Check out the list here.

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