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Building Partnerships in Southeast Asia, China and South Korea are three minor (elective) programmes offered by the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) - a faculty of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. In these programmes, students learn the skills needed for building professional relationships in an international context and experience it in practice.

After a two-year period of preparation and programme development at AMSIB we started the minor Building Partnerships in China (BPI) with the first group of 21 students in September 2008. The programme offers students a real-life experience in building professional relationships in an international context. An important component of the programme is a field trip to China. As this programme proved to be a resounding success it was followed by the minor Building Partnerships in Southeast Asia, equally a success story. As of 2020, the South Korea minor is added to the portfolio.

Students learn to actually build professional relationships for Dutch companies that want to do business in this part of the world. In fact, the students do exploratory work on location for the companies that intend to do business in or with Asia. On their return, students report back to the company with an advisory report that includes business contacts and other valuable information needed to set up sustainable partnerships in Asia.

Today, more than 12 years later,  we have offered this exciting learning experience to over 500 students. An experience that for many had a great impact on their view on other cultures, their own careers, their self-development and, at times, even had an impact on how they defined themselves and the world surrounding them.

The minors Building Partnerships in China, Building Partnerships in Southeast Asia and Building Partnerships in South Korea are offered by the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) in collaboration with Shanghai Dong Hua University, Mahidol University Bangkok and Solbridge International School of Business, Korea.

For more information you are warmly invited to contact the Programme Manager Claudio Perotti.

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