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The minor Building Partnerships... team encompasses representatives from various specialisations, working collaboratively to improve and enhance the faculty’s teaching. The team is a selection of highly knowledgeable and devoted lecturers. All with an international background and international experience in their fields. Our faculty have earned an outstanding reputation for their dedication to our students. They are committed to enhance traditional classroom learning with real life experiences to provide students valuable insight into the subjects.

Meet us. We will be delighted to share our knowledge with you!

The Minor Building Partnerships... team

Mr drs. Claudio Perotti (MBA) (The Netherlands)

Programme Manager and Lecturer

Sourcing, Research and Organization (China, Southeast Asia and Korea)

Mr Ian Lewis, Msc. (Ireland)

Programme Content Manager and Lecturer Geopgraphy, History and Politics,  (China, Southeast Asia and Korea)

Ms Haiden Nguyen (Netherlands)

Lecturer Economy Trade and Business (Southeast Asia)

Ms Jing Zhang 张晶 (China)

Lecturer Chinese Language Basics (China)

Mrs drs. Bongkot Thanutdom, MA (Thailand)

Lecturer Thai Language Basics (Southeast Asia) and Culture, Society and Population (Southeast Asia)

Mrs Brechtine Detmar (The Netherlands), Lecturer, Coach

Mission Supervisor (Southeast Asia)

Mr Erik Kostelijk PhD (The Netherlands)

Commissioned Examiner (COMEX) and

Mission Supervisor (China), Associate Professor

Mr Erik van de Mheen (The Netherlands)

Mission Supervisor (China), Lecturer

Mr Henk Willemse (The Netherlands)

Mission Supervisor (Southeast Asia), Lecturer

Mrs Karin Kuechler (The Netherlands)

Mission Supervisor (Southeast Asia, China, Korea), Lecturer, Coach, Selection Coordinator Sport Studies - track International Sports, Management and Business

Mr Michel Jonker (The Netherlands)

Mission Supervisor (Southeast Asia, China, Korea), Lecturer, Coach Sport Studies - track International Sports, Management and Business

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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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Programme Manager: Claudio Perotti

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