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Other questions

What is the roster like, can I still continue my part-time job?

The first 8 weeks of the minor are very intensive. You will need quite some time to keep pace with the 5 preparatory courses and preparations for your assignment. The student roster will only be published close to the starting date of de minor. We will try (no guarantee!) to reserve one day per week with no classes to enable you to arrange business meetings/make preparations for your assignment. You need to do this in the mornings, due to the time difference with the designated destination.

If you are able to combine this with a part-time job, you are free to do so.



What is the duration of this minor: 2 Months or a whole semester?

This is a regular full-time minor of 6 months. The duration of our overseas trip is approximately one month.

Is this a tough minor compared to other minors?

Obviously, this all depends on your own competencies and efforts. Read also the answer to the questions above.


Is the minor taught in English?

Yes, the full programme is taught in English (including literature and teaching materials).


My English is not up to standard. Could this be an issue during the minor?

Your English is expected to be at B2 level.


Can I pre-enrol in the minor before the official enrolment period is open?

Enrolments are only accepted through the official minor-enrolments website.

You can send your motivation letter and proposal of assignment prior to the official enrolments period to:



Can part-time (‘deeltijd’) students also enrol in the minor?

Yes, but you need to have prior approval of the exam committee of your school/programme. Keep in mind that the lectures are all on weekdays in the daytime (no evening or Saturday classes).


I would like to stay longer in the designated destination. Can I have another return date?

No. For planning, organizational and security reasons, we travel as a group to and from the designated destination (and within the designated country), so you cannot travel separately.



Is there a Wifi connection available?

In the hotel/dormitory where we will be staying there is Wifi. There is also 1 LAN (cable) connection in every hotel/dormitory room. Faster Wifi is available in the students cafeteria.



What is the percentage of students who pass the minor the first time?

This varies each semester. On average, we have a pass rate of over 80% (first time).



I do a social study and have no link with economics. Is it an advantage to have a background in economics?

The minor is open to all students of the AUAS (HvA). All subjects are offered at entry level.


From our company I got a question on how we are going to contact partners in the designated destination without speaking the language properly?

This question hits the very core of the programme: Building Partnerships. Indeed, there is always a language barrier in foreign countries. In this minor you will learn how to deal with the challenges that you will face while doing business in the designated destination. In the Dutch part of the programme you will be suitably prepared to enable you to operate successfully in the designated destination (e.g. with a basic language course). On location you will team up with a local student (buddy) who can assist you with your assignment on location.

As the maximum number of participants is only 25, is it (usually) very full and crowded at sign-up?

Yes. We usually have to make a selection after enrolment.



I am a HvA student E-Technology. I understand that I have to sign up through SIS. I read that the programme is open to "all" HvA students, but at the same time I also read that I also need to apply for "Individual Admission Request" at Examination Board? How can I do this?

The minor programme is indeed open to all students at the HvA. However, your own school/department may have additional requirements. We get students from many different departments (including AMFI, Aviation, Engineering, etc.). If you have any difficulties in enrolling in SIS, please send a message to

I am now in my second year. When do I need to enroll in the minor programme?

About six months before the start of the semester you can enroll in this minor during the regular AUAS (HvA) enrolment period (exact dates to be announced at



Is it possible to pay the additional participation fee in instalments?

If you are unable to pay for the participation fee within the payment term, you can submit a request for payment in 4 equal installments at Note that your request should be received before the due date for payment.


Since I received information that I am enrolled in the minor programme, I have not received any more materials. What’s next?

The programme starts on Monday in the week prior to the start of the semester. You will receive full details at the kick off. Make sure you do not miss this!


I have emailed my address and copy of passport, but is there anything else I need to do before the kick off the week prior to the start of the semester?

Apart from securing your assignment, no.



Do I need to book a flight ticket?

No, this is done by AUAS (Note: this is part of the extra participation fee).


How / when do I need to pay the extra participation fee?

You will receive an invoice from the AUAS (HvA) Accounts Receivable Department.



I’m studying CE (commerciële economie). Are there any admission requirements set by this faculty?

No additional requirements apart from the standard requirements of your course/study.


According to the information about this Minor, you need to have an English level of B2. I'm sure my English is good enough to follow this minor but do I need to prove it?

No. It is only an indication of the level of English that is required to follow the course. If you do not meet this level, you will find it hard to follow the courses and/or execute the assignment on location.


Can you give me an email address of an ex-student that followed this course, so I can ask some things about this minor?

You can contact one of the alumni via this page by clicking on the photo of an Alumni Ambassador of choice.


I understand the planning is seven weeks of lectures + assignment in Amsterdam and one month of lectures + assignment in Shanghai (or Bangkok). This is not a full semester. What is the planning for the remaining weeks?

During the weeks that have no planned lectures you work on your assignment.

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