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MODULE 5: Thai Language Basics (TLB) - Southeast Asia

Contents and topics of the course


Thailand is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world, located at the center of Southeast Asia. Thai language is the national and official language of Thailand. It is spoken by some 69 million people. Language and culture are closely related. Learning Thai is not only a study of Thai language, but also process of knowing "Thainess". Speaking Thai is an essential asset to start a business or career in Thailand.

In this course, you are provided a basic foundation with Thai language proficiency for listening and speaking skills at the beginner level. This is an intensive course which is designed for absolute beginners. It focuses on developing students’ listening and speaking skills. Romanized transcription based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and Thai script, with English explanation is introduced at the beginning of the course. Students can use Romanized transcription and grammar notes as learning tools to enlarge their vocabulary for their further study.

With 200 words and the corresponding grammar, students can make dialogues on the daily life topics and situations that students might encounter such as greetings, family & occupation, time & date, food (restaurant), numbers & money, shopping, directions & transportation.

If you would like to experience a sample class prior to your enrolment, you can contact the lecturer concerned to arrange a visit to sit in in one of the lessons.

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