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questions about the OVERSEAS MISSION

When is the four-week trip planned in the first/second semester?

We schedule our mission twice a year (during the month of May and mid November/December), for a duration of approximately 4 weeks.

​(Check also the Calendar of Events)

What are the dates we will stay in the designated destination?

Exact dates depend on the tickets we can book. We try to leave in the weekends. The (group)booking will only be made when all the details of participants are collected (usually in week 1, at the start of the minor). Typically, we arrive at the designated destination mid-November (semester 1) or Mid-May (semester 2).



When we are overseas for our mission, do we have time for leisure activities or traveling on our own?

There is certainly room for leisure activities. However, keep in mind that during the weekdays your programme is fully packed with classes and other activities. Traveling further than ‘a day trip away’ from our base camp in the designated city is not permitted. You always stay overnight on the campus.

Our Commissioning Organisation wants us to travel to other cities in the region. Can we do this?

Traveling outside our ‘basecamp city’ is allowed for day trips only. You are required to stay overnight on campus for safety and logistic reasons.

I want to stay longer in / arrive earlier at the designated destination after/before our mission, is that allowed?

No. The university will organise your flight and accommodation. It is required that we travel together as a group to and from the designated destination for logistical, financial and safety reasons. The flights will be arranged as early as possible in the first week(s) of the semester.

In which type of accommodation will we stay in the designated destination?

The group will stay at the campus hotel or dormitory of our partner university or a local hotel near the campus. Both basic, but clean and conveniently located. Keep in mind that you share your room with another student of the minor.


If you already have a place to stay in the designated destination, will the additional cost be lower or will this remain the same?

No, the participation fee is the same for all participants. All participants are required to stay at the designated accommodation facilities of the minor on location.



Where do we stay in the designated destination?

We stay at (or near) our partner University.


What is the cost of this minor?

The extra participation cost is €2,300.- (fixed fee). See also Cost & Reward.


Do I need to pay for these expenses even though I am enrolled in a Dutch University and have already paid my tuition fee there?

The additional participation fee is not your tuition fee for the minor. Once you already paid your tuition fee at your own (Dutch) university, you are not required to pay tuition fee again for the minor. The additional participation fee is required to cover the additional cost of the one month overseas mission. You can read the details here.


Is the extra participation cost of this minor on top of the regular tuition fee (collegegeld)?

Yes. (see above)


What is the extra €2,300.- participation fee for?

This fee covers your airfare, accommodation in the designated destination (double share basis), transfers to hotel, lecturers, guest lecturers, administration, business and cultural visits organised through the partner university, farewell dinner in the designated destination with local ‘buddies’ and staff from the partner university. Please note, there may be incidental costs which are not included.

The fee does not cover literature required for the modules in Amsterdam, visas (2019: China €126, Thailand €80,-), travel insurance, local costs in the designated destination such as travel, food and drink.

Can I pay in instalments for the participation fee?

If you are unable to pay for the participation fee within the payment term, you can submit a request for payment in 4 equal installments at Note that your request should be received before the due date for payment.

Can you give me an indication of how much money I will need for extra expenses in the designated destination?

You can expect various additional expenses. Think of food, shopping, local transportation, entertainment dinners with business relations, going out, gifts etc.

How much you are prepared to spend depends on your own budget and if you are willing to consider cheaper alternatives. For almost everything there is a cheaper and good local alternative available.

The cost of living in the designated destinations is relatively low.

In the past groups we had students run up additional expenses from €500 up to €5,000. The latter amount is extremely high, of course. The average is appr. €1,900.- (of which a major share is spent on clothes, gadgets and souvenirs...)

Are we obliged to join the whole minor or is it also possible to only join the one-month mission?

No, you can only participate in the programme as a ‘full’ minor (6 months, 30 ECTS). This includes the one-month mission.

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