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Your enrichment opportunity

(Note: This information applies to the employee 'mini' minor,Students click here)

What’s IEO?

IEO stands for Individual Enrichment Opportunity. These are moments where you can plan your own visit, meeting or other activity you would like to engage in, in order to enrich your personal experience. Just like in the student programme, you will have to set up your appointment, meeting etc. prior to departure. Yes, you will have to make some phone calls to China before your leave! But hey, if students can do that, why couldn’t you? We have ample suggestions for you but you are free to fill in your own IEO. We will have Chinese ‘buddies’ (student volunteers) on location available to assist. (For example, to find your way to your appointment in a hectic city).

​Assignment / Experience Derivative

To mimic the students experience entirely, you are also required to execute your own ‘assignment’. Students are doing this on behalf of a Dutch commissioning Organization, but in your case you can commission your own assignment.

The essence of your (personal) assignment is, that you return from China with a tangible Experience Derivative (ED). This can be anything that gave you new insights and that you want to share with your colleagues and/or students back home. Think of a Power Point presentation, a (written) summary of your findings, a short video, a weblog, photos, a workshop with your students, an article in a magazine, … anything.

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