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Quick facts

'mini' minor china

(Note: This information applies to the FBE employee 'mini' minor, Students click here)

When? How Long? Where to?

The mini minor will be a 10-day trip. Departure planned for May 2022 (subject to change). We will be visiting Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong. You will find details under the heading ‘Programme’.

Who qualifies?

All employees at the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), >0.6 FTE (who are not reported ill), suitably motivated can apply for this programme. However, since the number of participants is limited to 15, there needs to be a selection process, which is basically the same as the one used for our students. We ask each candidate to write a short motivation letter in which they explain why this trip is beneficial to their professional career and/or how it will enrich their teaching/work in such a way that our students can also benefit (see Selection and Motivation ). The application will be reviewed by your manager and then it goes to MT for final approval.


The participation fee of the programme is €2100. But… the FBE upholds the principles of lifelong learning and supports you with a ‘50/50 deal’ if you are selected for participation. This means that you contribute 5 days of your own time (weekends and e.g. ‘DI uren’) and you pay only half of the participation fee: €1050,-.


What’s included?

The (fixed) participation fee covers your airfare, accommodation in China, transfers to hotels, lecturers, administration, business and cultural visits organised through our partner university, farewell dinner with local ‘buddies’ and staff from the partner university and… the preparation programme in Amsterdam.

Please note, there may be incidental costs which are not included. The costs do not cover, visas, travel insurance, local costs on location (and our transit destination) such as individual travel, food and drink. For an idea regarding personal expenditure in China, take into account that, although travel and eating are much cheaper than in The Netherlands, you may find yourself eating in western-style restaurants and drinking in the western- style bars. These are sometimes as expensive as and may be even more expensive than at home.


To get as close to the student experience as possible, we stay in the same hotels the students normally stay during the China minor. The (simple) hotels are centrally located for our activities (on campus). Each participant has their own room.



Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of seats available in the programme: 15. Therefore we have to make a selection. Similar to the students minor, we ask the candidates to write a short motivation letter in which you explain why this trip is beneficial for your professional career and/or how it will enrich your teaching/work in way that our students benefit from it too. More details here.

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