Selection and motivation

(Note: This information applies to the employee 'mini' minor, Students click here)

Selection and Motivation


Since the number of participants for the programme is limited to 15, there needs to be a selection process, which is basically the same as the one used for our students. We ask each candidate to write a motivation letter (appr. one A4) in which they explain why this trip is beneficial to their professional career and/or how it will enrich their teaching in such a way that our students can also benefit. The motivation letters will be reviewed anonymously by a Selection Commission (including other non-participating colleagues).

Please ensure that your (direct) manager agrees with your application before you apply.

The application will be reviewed by your manager and then it goes to MT for final approval.

Instructions Motivation Letter FBE Employees Mini Minor

We ask you to describe what kind of Individual Enrichment Opportunity you are trying to achieve on location and which Experience Derivative you will bring back home.

Please follow the numbered bullet points in your motivation letter:

  1. Why are you more interested in this particular China mini minor than other colleagues?

  2. What kind of IEO would you like to execute in China?

  3. What will be your Experience Derivative that you want to share back home with your colleagues and/or students?


  • Please indicate, if you are not selected for this year's programme, would you be interested in doing this mini minor next year?

  • Do not forget to provide your name, department and the subject that you teach.

  • Please write your letter in Word format (not PDF) to be able to anonymise the letters for the Selection Committee

  • Try to be concise and to-the point...

  • Send your application letter before 31 December 2020 to:

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