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Frequently asked questions

(Note: This information applies to the employee 'mini' minor, Students click here)

I do not work for AMSIB but for another school at FBE. Can I also apply for this programme?

Yes, you can. The mini minor is offered to all employees of FBE.

I work for FBE, but I am not a lecturer. Can I also apply?

Yes. After the pilot in June 2019 it is decided by FBE MT that this programme can be beneficial for all FBE employees. Yet, keep in mind that you are required to substantiate your enrichment perspective in your motivation letter.

My Head of Department does not approve my application to participate in the mini minor what can I do?

The reason for rejecting your application by your HoD is personal and private, so no general advice can be given here. Final Approval of all applications is done by the Director (budget holder) of your school.

Is it difficult to obtain a seat in this programme (is this programme 'popular')?

 We expect more applicants (that meet the selection criteria) than seats available. Your IEO is very important in the selection procedure. Read also this page for more details about the selection process.

I am (partially) reported ill at my employer (HvA), can I apply for this mini minor?

No, you cannot.


I have a personal contact/activity that I want to visit/do in one of the destinations. Is there time to do so?
Yes, there is. For every city we have reserved time to work on your Individual Enrichment Opportunity (IEO). Yet, traveling in the big cities may take up a fair amount of time. So you may not have time to participate in other, non-mandatory, activities. The choice is yours.

How much time is available to work on your IEO?
Although the programme is very full (4 cities in 10 days!) we leave ample time for you to work on your IEO. The time available differs per day. In every city we reserve at least one afternoon and/or evening for your IEO. Note that lunch and dinner appointments are very common in China. 



If I do not want to participate in the cultural trips (the ‘tourist must-sees’), can I spend my time on other activities?
Yes, you can. Note that we try to avoid typical ‘tourist traps’. However, sometimes it is inevitable to be among tourists (e.g.: It is very difficult to have the Great Wall to yourself…)

Can I write the motivation letter in Dutch?

Yes, you can. (But be reminded that the whole programme is in English).

Can we apply as a team (of 2)?

No. You need to apply individually. Remember: you will work on your Individual Enrichment Opportunity. Also: Each of you need to get individual approval from your own Manager.

To what degree is it required (or recommended) to work together with a fellow participant on your IEO?
We certainly recommend you to work together on your Individual Enrichment Opportunities, if you share the same interests. This makes realising your IEO much more efficient. Think of practical things such as sharing a taxi or visiting the same company or contact person.

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